With its top-of-the-line filtration, Nadair central vacuums will improve air quality in you home. With their high-efficiency filtration system our vacuums reduce your allergy symptoms and respiratory problems.

By using high-efficiency cyclonic filtration (99.97%) and disposable filtration bags together, our vacuums filter purifie the air twice, which improves the quality of the air exhausted from unit. When combined with a permanent filter (Washable), our units filter exhaust air up to 99.97%.

Triple layer filtration bags conveniently dispose of waste in the dirt receptacle without stirring up harmful airborne dust. The three layers of filtration system prevent the bag from ripping.


Whichever Nadair central vacuum unit you choose, you will be cleaning with cutting edge technology!

Our SOFT-START TECHNOLOGY ADD 20% TO THE LIFE expectancy of your Nadair product’s motor (over traditional central vacuums). Our SOFT-STOP THREE-SECOND DELAY TECHNOLOGY vacuums debris out of the hose. This keep left-over debris from emptying onto the floor and the elbows of the piping network from getting clogged.

SILENT POWER UNITS also make for healthier lives. To enhance our initial design choice of a quieter and more-efficient motor, we ADDED A NOISE-BLOCKING FOAM, LIKE THE ONES FOUND IN RECORDING STUDIOS. Once installed in a closed space, our systems make about as much noise as a wall-mounted air conditioning unit.


Our hand-spun aluminum vacuums are robust, yet lightweight. Created with a welding-free cold-spinning technique, our products are optimally solid and non-corroding. Since most central vacuums are installed in damp places, like basements and garages, this attention to detail makes Nadair central vacuums a first choice for durable and long-lasting systems. What’s more, aluminum conducts more than half the static electricity of plastic and steel. This means maintenance is also halved!

At Nadair, every element of our design and conception has being reviewed in order to offer a top quality product. Here are some examples of Nadair’s attention to details:

– Our heat protection prevents our motors from overheating

– Our innovating one-piece air-containment gaskets prevent air loss and reduced suction over time

– Our exclusive installation bracket is equipped with rubber vibration and noise-canceling inserts.

– Our debris-canister latches can be installed everywhere on our cylinders, making it easier to empty and put you unit back when install in difficult-to-access area.