Are these lights dimmable?2019-09-13T13:44:29+00:00

Yes, our light Fixtures work perfectly with a wide range of dimmers allowing you to save energy, increase light bulb life span and adjust to the various activity and schedule fluctuations of each individual home.


To know if your dimmer is compatible, please refer to the dimmer list on the product page.

What is the life of the bulb?2020-11-24T22:48:20+00:00

The bulb lasts up to 50 000 hours.

Do I have to have an insulated ceiling?2019-09-13T13:41:25+00:00

No, These lights are designed to be installed in insulated and non-insulated ceilings.

What are the cutting hole sizes?2019-09-13T13:39:04+00:00

3 inch – 3”

4 inch (round and square) – 4 1/4”

6 inch Round – 6”

6 inch Square – 6 1/4”

What is the beam angle?2019-09-13T13:36:25+00:00

The beam spread of those lights is 100 degrees.

What voltage can be use?2019-09-13T13:35:38+00:00

It must be used with 110-120V

Is the junction box attached to the unit?2019-09-13T13:33:13+00:00

No, they are independent junction box.

They are designed to be placed wherever is convenient, so you can make it fit just about anywhere.

His large design makes it easy to use.


Where can I install these lights?2019-09-13T13:45:05+00:00

You can install them everywhere:

Indoor, outdoor, shower, soffits, even in tight space where only 1 ” of clearances are required.

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